Thursday, October 26, 2017

Why You Need an Interpretation Service Provider Although You Have Bilingual Staff

Ethnically diverse Call Center Representatives
You have a growing customer service business, initially starting with 10 CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) and soon expanding to 50. Your business is great and volume is increasing.

Your agents start coming to you indicating they are getting calls from people who do not speak English. The agents try yelling and speaking slowly but they are not able to communicate. You need to act quickly because now, the buzz throughout the non-English speaking community is that your service is terrible and lacks language services.

Your reaction should be to immediately enter hire mode. You decide to hire Spanish-speaking Bilingual representatives. Good job, you are now ready to move forward and tackle the next stages of your business growth.

Next month when you pull your call center metrics, you notice longer than normal hold times for your customers, and an unusual number of abandoned calls. You talk with your Call Center Manager and find out the source of the problems.
  • Spanish-speaking customers are on the line, waiting for a Spanish-speaking agent to become available
  • Spanish was not the only language needed
  • Customers are hanging up due to the long hold times
  • Calls do not just come in during business hours when the bilingual agents are scheduled
  • One of the agents does not speak English well
  • One of the agents claimed to speak Spanish but it was only 3 years of high school Spanish

Your solution?

Use a language service provider, because a great one can solve all of your multi-language challenges.
  • They can handle all of your non-English calls
  • They provide backup when your staff is busy on calls
  • They offer 200+ languages when needed
  • 24/7/365 availability is the standard
  • They have subject matter experts that know the terminology of your business
  • They meet 99.9% of their SLAs
A great language service provider enables you to focus on your business and delivers the high-quality service your customers have come to expect, regardless of what language they speak.

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