Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Breaking the Safety Training Language Barrier #SafetyTraining

A great article on workplace safety from L&D Daily Advisor.

"Many organizations have employees for whom English may not be their first language, and it’s important that these language barriers are overcome during safety training.

In addition to problems with speaking English, some employees may not read well either. Even in their own language, there is a chance that some workers may be illiterate or only able to read a little.Increased diversity in the workplace may create language and literacy barriers. When workers don’t speak English or have limited proficiency, they cannot communicate effectively with supervisors, coworkers, or customers. They may also have difficulty comprehending the requirements of their jobs.

Without proper action on the part of management, language and literacy barriers can make it difficult or impossible for some employees to function effectively and safely in the workplace. These barriers can also make interaction and teamwork among workers more difficult and less efficient.

This means training issues take on even greater significance when the topic is safety."

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