Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Top Interpretation and Translation Language Provider In North America

At CTS LanguageLink we believe in and support the saying, “Managers are appointed and leaders emerge.” This mentality led us into the top 10 of Language Service Providers in North America. A 2013 Common Sense Advisory (CSA) report ranks us 8th out of the 30 largest translation and interpreting suppliers in North America. CSA is an independent, Massachusetts-based, globalization industry research company.

We’re thrilled to be included in this report. We are working hard in scaling our interpretation platform and cultivating our list of linguists,” says Kimila Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Our Translation and Interpretation divisions continue to experience growth year over year. Our Washington Health Care Authority (HCA) contract needs are evolving, pushing and optimizing our back-end system. This is great news for all of our customers. Our Client Portal displays customer metrics and activities that no other Interpretation and Translation company can provide. We are seeing an organic increase in demand for localization in all types of markets, in community organizations, in video-game development, and for board games. Meaning, the world is shrinking every day. Our own Interpretation and Translation usage metrics mirror industry trends. These trends show strong and steady growth, as language needs continue to rise both for the domestic market and globally.

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