Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Your Document Translation Done Right.

At CTS LanguageLink you will find our translations are of the highest quality possible. CTS is dedicated to deploying its extensive resources on making sure the translated material is grammatically correct, translated to suit the reading audience and above all that the subject matter is done right.

We have linguists that are experts in the field of each specific topic you need translated. So, for example if you want a healthcare form translated then you will need a healthcare expert linguist. We refer to these highly specialized linguists as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and they help us to attain the highest quality translated material possible. 

For anyone to translate a legal form, a document or an application form from English into Mandarin, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew or even Tagalog is an extremely difficult task; let alone to have it done right. But using the dynamics of our elite level of translation services and much care and diligence, we provide a translation service that is second to none.

The next step up in translation is Localization. Localization adapts content for a specific audience’s cultural needs, without compromising the brand or message. For example, take a company statement or an official form, where much of the wording is in jargon form and may need to be translated to suit the readership of a target local community; our translation services can make sure the article, document or material is readable by that local community or by the country folk that will be using the form in their own native language.

Even everyday objects and devices are called by different names in different countries. The mobile phone for example is often called a cell phone in many parts of Asia but most European languages use the term "mobile." Our services recognize all of these small translation obstacles and correctly adapt the terminology as required. Word-for-word translation produces grossly inaccurate, and sometimes unusable, text.

Because of the complexities of grammar and the different rules that apply a translation has to be done by linguistic experts. Take the French language where the one word term for bathroom is la salle de bain and language is littered with these strange translation anomalies throughout, which means you will need a professional, high quality service from a translator that knows and understands the complexity of the written word.

CTS LanguageLink ensures that it outputs translated and/or localized material content exactly as the client would demand it, and we also thoroughly research the audiences that will eventually read and use that form or document. 

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